A chance meeting – on Christmas eve

The moment Aamir and I stepped out of the railway station at Bandra, a person approached us. “Excuse me, Bhaisahab. From where do I get the auto for Mount Mary … Continue reading

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A Dance Party – At the company

Chairs were lifted and noisily pushed against the walls. The lights were slightly dimmed. The DJ, who had been hitherto dormant, gradually began increasing the volume of the music. The … Continue reading

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How they ragged me in college

Two of my friends stood with their heads bowed down. Three seniors were comfortably seated on the plastic bed. They were guffawing stupidly. I stood transfixed at the entrance. One … Continue reading

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Placement Stories – By an alumnus

I had the opportunity of accompanying my company’s campus recruitment team to my college. The visit brought back vivid memories of last year’s placement season, when I was an active … Continue reading

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School Trouble

“You may come with me to the principal’s chamber.” The most dreaded words a child can hear during his school days. I was in the good books of most teachers, … Continue reading

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Thoughts of an alumnus before going back to college

Oh, Dear Excitement! Where you have you been all this while. I was missing you so badly.Now that you have come. Please don’t go away.Thou art the light of my … Continue reading

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The bad-asses of my college

AM In his first year,he managed to stole the key’s to every computer science professor’s office.In those day’s each professor kept a spare key with the security guard, at the … Continue reading

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